The Product Geniuss

Develop a product mindset, master relevant product management skills and build a product of your own through user research, prototyping, development and product analysis. Start your product leader journey today to be the leader tomorrow.


What You'll Learn

  • Product Management Overview
  • Product Design
  • Market Sizing
  • Product strategy
  • Analytics and Growth
  • Product Tech
  • General & Behavioural Questions in PM Interviews
  • Create and validate hypothesis by performing effective User research
  • Methods of User research
  • Synthesise user research data
  • Identify stages of product adoption
  • Fundamentals of UI-UX design
  • Evaluate different options, tools, Methods for Rapid Prototyping
  • Create product Sketches, Wireframes and mockups
  • Build functioning prototypes to evaluate possible ideas and solutions
  • Describe the process of design sprint used in Organisations
  • Explain the purpose, types and ways of conducting a usability test for a product
  • Analyse different types of MVP and decide when to use which
  • Apply Learn-Build-Measure model to build successful MVP’s
  • Deploy agile and scrum frameworks required to develop and launch a product
  • Create user stories and epics for the development of a product feature
  • Create a cohesive product requirements document (PRD) for a product
  • Create a GTM (Go-To-Market) strategy for a product by planning its pricing and channel strategy
  • Identify the north star metric for a given product
  • Set product metrics using AARRR framework to improve customer journey
  • Analyse product data and employ product analytics to identify problems
  • Create activation/ acquisition/ engagement/ referral/ monetisation strategy for product
  • Apply experimentation techniques like A/B testing and multivariate testing
  • Learn about segmentation, funnel and Cohort analysis

Course Highlights

Learn Online
100+ hours of learning
25+ hours of live session
10+ Case Studies

8 number
10-week Product Mindset Bootcamp
Interview Preparation & Mock Interviews
Build your Own Product (BYOP)
Career-Focussed approach
1:1 Mentor & Feedback calls
100+ Recruiting partners
High-Performance Coaching
Knowledge Application through Product Teardown

Tools covered

Artist desk


Artist desk


Artist desk

Google Analytics

Artist desk

Artist desk


Artist desk


Artist desk


Artist desk


Top Skills you will learn

Job Opportunities

Benjamin Portrait

Product Analyst

Benjamin Portrait

Associate Product Manager

Benjamin Portrait

Product Manager

Benjamin Portrait

Product Marketing Manager

Benjamin Portrait

Product Director

Benjamin Portrait

Product Strategist

Specialisation !

AI ML Solutions in Product Management

AI paradigms

AI-ML Strategy

Data Foundations

Data Architecture

Capstone Project

Growth - Product Management

Driving User Retention & engagement growth

Activation & Resurrection

Growth strategies

Strategies to drive acquisition & referral growth

Monetisation Strategies

Experimentation Techniques

Digital Transformation

DT : Deep Dive

Digital transformation frameworks

Emerging technologies to drive digital transformation

Design Thinking

Consultant to PM

Build Your Own Product (BYOP)

As a part of integrated project in the program, build a working prototype of a product

Apply your product management skills to build a product you’re passionate about

Add it to your portfolio and resume to gain recruiters attention

Process of BYOP


  • ✓ Complete the course to get certified
  • ✓ Widely recognised certificate for its professional curriculum
  • ✓ Access to digital library
  • ✓ Life-time validation
  • ✓ Get connected with professional peers.
  • ✓ Curriculum by top global professionals
  • ✓ Get certified for future career


Learn from CXO’s , India’s leading Start-up Leaders, Successful Founders
Benjamin Portrait

Sanket Shah

2x founder
10 Million+ Lives Impacted
Benjamin Portrait

Biju Babu

20+ years Educating
Millions of Students impacted
Benjamin Portrait

Yash Prasad

Benjamin Portrait

Abhinav Kumar


Career Outcomes


Maximum Salary hike


Average Salary hike


Hiring partners


Positive outcome

Merits of our Rewarding Courses

Enhanced Skills

Complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence & cognitive flexibility

Praiseworthy Tangible Outcomes

Kids will develop real life mobile apps, scientific simulation and fun hardware.

Academic Excellence Quotient

Using our unique program, kids will develop a deeper understanding of many concepts.

Specific Teaching Expertise

Only platform to provide specific and unique curriculum with teaching expertise for different courses.

Real Reviews from Real Parents BanoGeniuss

Priti Dhakola (Bangalore)
Sr.Marketing Manager - Leading E-commerce Company

My daughter Sukriti has started discussing business on the dinner table and topics like Market segmentation, brand positioning, Data Analysis and much more. I am glad to see my daughter can ace the career faster than me. It took me 16 years to reach here, My daughter with the help of BanoGeniuss will reach in less than 5 years.

Avantika Pal
Working in TCS

The entrepreneurship course conducted by masterCXO was class apart. The sessions, the notes, the assignments and finally the capstone projects is the best flow of mentoring I have seen till date. I recommend masterCXO to each parent.

Father of Sashank

BanoGeniuss has helped me raise my children. They are very happy to go to learn every day. The teachers are really good and dedicated, I will always be grateful to this wonderful institute.”

Student Reviews

Aditya Sapre (Assam)
DPS School

Great 15 days, Great 15 hours, The case study helped me understand the problem identification to implement a solution. I Learned about many frameworks, User personas, KPI's, Google data studio and many more new things. This has definitely assured me to start my start-up.

Aastha Shah
CA Aspirant

Jr.CFO is an amazing course. Course made me experience how exactly the office works. The mentors from KPMG and Deloitte made sessions too live as they were talking about real life solutions. I wish I had enrolled early early to make my vision more clear.

Siddarth Potphode
Engineering Student

The CEO & Jr.CTO course made my vision crystal clear. The architectural planning and execution skills explained by amazon,facebook, apple mentors were just best. This is possible only at masterCXO.