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Our curriculum is designed to bring out the genius in your child. We offer an all-encompassing technology curriculum for kids. covering coding foundation to scientific exploration & design thinking to HTML/CSS.


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Real Reviews from Real Parents BanoGeniuss

Priti Dhakola (Bangalore)
Sr.Marketing Manager - Leading E-commerce Company

My daughter Sukriti has started discussing business on the dinner table and topics like Market segmentation, brand positioning, Data Analysis and much more. I am glad to see my daughter can ace the career faster than me. It took me 16 years to reach here, My daughter with the help of BanoGeniuss will reach in less than 5 years.

Avantika Pal
Working in TCS

The entrepreneurship course conducted by masterCXO was class apart. The sessions, the notes, the assignments and finally the capstone projects is the best flow of mentoring I have seen till date. I recommend masterCXO to each parent.

Father of Sashank

BanoGeniuss has helped me raise my children. They are very happy to go to learn every day. The teachers are really good and dedicated, I will always be grateful to this wonderful institute.”

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The ability of our brain to develop new neuron connections and learn new things is the greatest before the age of seven years. Starting young helps children develop their mindset in a way that will help them in the long term. Children will be able to nurture key skills like decision-making, logical thinking, creative problem solving and group coordination. Early exposure to our curated curriculum, along with certified early childhood teaching experts, will help kids in developing Academic and Emotional Intelligence.

We provide the students with the world's first and only all-encompassing technology curriculum - covering coding foundations, AI/ML, design thinking and even Robotics. While learning, our student and teacher community from 25+ countries also provide an opportunity for Global collaboration. Lastly, our curriculum has been meticulously designed by our Global Curriculum Advisory Board comprising industry experts with a mission of holistic development of our students. With this passion for excellence, our team will always strive for your child's best development.

These skills are complementary to the regular school curriculum. Our methodology enables them to grasp complex Science & Maths concepts easily via coding, visualisations, animations and gamification.

One Stop Solution for future skills!

Chief Marketing Officer

The brands we love today - Apple, Amazon, Google, Zomato, McDonald’s - they all have unique marketing

Chief Marketing Officer

A CMO is the brains behind every powerful brand - they are able to analyze the market, understand what customers want and position their brand for beating the competition. Our CMO pack helps students understand the fundamentals of marketing, consumer perception, digital marketing, analytics and strategic communication - opening up a route to a very highly paid career for creative students.

Cheif Executive Officer

World-class CEOs like Steve Jobs, Sundar Pichai, Elon Musk, Satya Nadella hold the key driver position in a company's success.

Cheif Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for leading and managing an organization, making strategic decisions, setting goals, and representing the company to stakeholders. They oversee the overall operations, ensure the company's financial success, and drive its growth and success in the market.

Chief Technology Officer

In large tech companies like Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Meta, Flipkart etc – there are hundreds of coders but most important person is CTO.

Chief Technology Officer

A CTO - or Chief Technology Officer - is able to understand what technology can do. They use their problem solving and innovation skills to make use of technology to come up with new products and solutions. Our CTO pack helps students with an interest in technology learn the power of entrepreneurial thinking and consumer behaviour understanding so that they can rise to the top in the tech field.

Chief Finance Officer

Every business needs a CFO! CFO’s direct a company’s financial goals. Whether it’s a startup, a family business or a global giant – money needs to be managed, and managed well.

Chief Finance Officer

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is not just limited to crunching numbers, but involves taking financial data and using it to influence operational decision making and strategy. CFO’s direct a company’s financial goals, objectives and budgets and are involved with every department of the organization since “approval from finance” is a must! Are you ready to be a boss and shape the company's financial goals.

Chief Product Officer

Every Product we love using like apple, Netflix, Instagram etc using has a great CPO who drives product strategy, innovation, and exceptional customer experiences.

Chief Product Officer

Chief Product Officer (CPO) leads and oversee the development and execution of a company's product strategy, ensuring alignment with business goals and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Apple's CPO, for example, is responsible for driving innovation, defining product roadmaps, and ensuring seamless integration of hardware, software, and services.

Chief Strategy Officer

The CSO is essential for setting and aligning the company's strategic direction to achieve long-term growth and success in line with the organization's vision and goals.

Chief Strategy Officer

CSO analyze market trends, competitive landscape, and customer insights to identify growth opportunities and potential risks, and formulate strategic plans to capitalize on those opportunities and mitigate risks. The CSO works closely with senior executives and department heads, providing guidance and support in executing the strategic initiatives, monitoring their progress, and making necessary adjustments to keep the organization on track towards achieving its objectives.

Student Reviews

Aditya Sapre (Assam)
DPS School

Great 15 days, Great 15 hours, The case study helped me understand the problem identification to implement a solution. I Learned about many frameworks, User personas, KPI's, Google data studio and many more new things. This has definitely assured me to start my start-up.

Aastha Shah
CA Aspirant

Jr.CFO is an amazing course. Course made me experience how exactly the office works. The mentors from KPMG and Deloitte made sessions too live as they were talking about real life solutions. I wish I had enrolled early early to make my vision more clear.

Siddarth Potphode
Engineering Student

The CEO & Jr.CTO course made my vision crystal clear. The architectural planning and execution skills explained by amazon,facebook, apple mentors were just best. This is possible only at masterCXO.