Building a “Startup & Leadership School” that India Needs, but does not have.

Courses designed to help you achieve your dreams. Learn relevant skills that will enhance your personal and career growth.


Learning reimagined: engaging stories,
actionable modules, and flexible courses.

Learn through engaging stories

“Slow and steady wins the race" is a lesson that many people remember. That’s why we use interesting stories to teach practical lessons that can help you understand difficult concepts and think of ways to use them in real life.

Seedhi Baat, no Bakwas!

Our modules are designed with a no-nonsense approach, focusing on what truly matters. With step-by-step exercises and real-world applications, you'll be able to easily apply these skills in your everyday life.

Flexible Learning

Our hybrid approach combines on-demand and live sessions, allowing you to learn at your own pace and style. Whether you're a visual learner or prefer hands-on practice, our flexible structure accommodates your unique learning style, anytime, anywhere.

What makes our courses irresistible to learners?

Learn smarter, Not harder with us to make learning easy and fun

Measure Your Growth

Courses are designed to help you learn, analyze, and implement new skills. You can track your progress and continue to improve until you perfect the skills

Stay updated and informed

Stay ahead of the curve with our up-to-date syllabus, tailored to meet the latest demands of the subject

Exclusive community

Get access to our closed community of peers and experts for exclusive networking, feedback, and collaboration to enhance your learning experience.

Structured Learning

Our structured learning approach provides a clear path to success, with step-by-step modules and engaging exercises to keep you on track towards your learning goals.

Get Certified

Gain valuable certification upon completion of our courses to enhance your professional profile, showcasing your newly acquired skills and expertise

Tools of Titans

Access a wealth of study materials, e-books, templates, and other resources to gain an in-depth understanding of the subjects


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Our Core Belief

We deeply believe in nurturing the hidden potential which kids innately have. Our adeptly crafted programs complement the school curriculum to fuel the latent talents of your children and groom them towards future success in alignment with their natural abilities and inclinations.

In this fast-changing world, we arm your kids with the most desired skills of the next generation, an extra edge, a competitive edge to succeed in their predicted field. We envisage your kids to be the next technology leaders, innovators, artists, entrepreneurs and scientists of tomorrow.


Our Advisors

Kids are at the center of our learning by doing philosophy. It’s their feedback which consistently helps us refine not just our teaching approach but also introduce new & exciting content from time to time, making the overall experience immersive and playful.

Our Investors

Parents are our investors who have reposed faith in us, thus bolstering our core strengths, enabling us to do all we can to deliver only the best. You are the constant source of encouragement and inspiration for us to strive for the best


Our Ambassadors

Our teachers and curriculum-designers are the flag-bearers of our approach to revolutionise the education system making it unique, immersive and holistic for the kids, sparking curiosity and thirst for learning & doing.

They constantly strive to bring out the genius in every kid. The curriculum is conceptualised and designed by the best minds from top tier institutes, like IITs and IIMs

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Real Reviews from Real Parents BanoGeniuss

Priti Dhakola (Bangalore)
Sr.Marketing Manager - Leading E-commerce Company

My daughter Sukriti has started discussing business on the dinner table and topics like Market segmentation, brand positioning, Data Analysis and much more. I am glad to see my daughter can ace the career faster than me. It took me 16 years to reach here, My daughter with the help of BanoGeniuss will reach in less than 5 years.

Avantika Pal
Working in TCS

The entrepreneurship course conducted by BanoGeniuss was class apart. The sessions, the notes, the assignments and finally the capstone projects is the best flow of mentoring I have seen till date. I recommend BanoGeniuss to each parent.

Father of Sashank

BanoGeniuss has helped me raise my children. They are very happy to go to learn every day. The teachers are really good and dedicated, I will always be grateful to this wonderful institute.”